The passion for “Beauty”,
it is the pride of our company.

Milott was founded in 1935. Since then, as a pure contract manufacturer, we have consistently devoted ourselves to research and development of cosmetics using our own accumulated technologies. In recent years, we have not only been meeting and satisfying the requirements of customers, but as a beauty creator, we have tried to bring forth an original product planning together with new product development.
Milott lay great emphasis on the production system, product stability and perfect quality control based on GMP standard, and these efforts are relied upon and supported by the domestic and international leading brands that we produce. The enthusiasm for beauty comes individually from each of our staff. That is the pride of our company.

  • Since established in 1935 as an OEM・ ODM manufacturers.

    Based on the experience gained so far plus own unique technology, we have been tried to bring forth an original product with new product development.

  • Product Development

    Professional research staff, skilful technical staff, are always looking for“Only One” and “Number One” product development.

  • Flexibility in producing small to larger orders as a Group Company.

    Milott makes the most use of three manufacturing site, Yokohama Plant, Fujinomiya Plant, Cebu Plant, Phillipines and Milott Laboratories, Thailand.

  • Highest Quality Level

    The three group companies offer the highest quality assurance and product control under GMP Management and ISO Certification.

  • Global Business Development

    Milott Group is expanding into International Beauty Marketplace.